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Trekking Itinerary

Aberdare Adventure Trekking Day 1: Nairobi - Aberdare National Park

Depart Nairobi early morning and drive north to Mweiga to meet our armed ranger and then up into the forested eastern slopes of the Aberdare ranges. We trek through high moorlands through thickets of St. John's Wort and Rosewood Glades. Dinner and overnight at Reedbuck campsite 3090 meters above sea level.

  • Day 2: Aberdare National Park

  • We aim to start the walk at 7am to finish at 2pm. We walk via the Spectacular Chania Falls to Wandere Junction where we set up camp close by 3150 meters above sea level. Over 40 species of wildlife inhabit these mountain ranges, hiding in the heavily forested slopes and in the upper moor lands. Walking is always cool with plenty of clear trout filled mountain streams. Our walk starts below the bamboo forest, climbing up onto the moor lands. There is always likelihood of encountering large game that may prove precarious whilst walking through the African bush but our trained and armed game ranger knows the area and habits of the game and will help us avoid such confrontations as much as possible. The Aberdares is noted as a rhino sanctuary but keep an eye out for the elusive rare bongo, which is best spotted in the upper bamboo zone and hypericum scrub.

  • Day 3: Aberdare National Park

  • We follow Wandare's Track dinner and overnight at a campsite close to the Fire Spotting Station. 3,400 meters above sea level

  • Day 4: Nairobi
  • We proceed early morning by vehicle towards the higher part of the Aberdares where we get dropped off and proceed to trek up Ol Doinyo Le Satima at 4000 meters above sea level. Trekking is through good tropical alpine vegetation such as Lobelia and goundsel. We descend by vehicle looking for game along the way. We drop off the guide and drive back to Nairobi.

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