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Canivore Resturant
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Canivore Resturant


Canivore Resturant Langata Suburb Nairobi, Kenya (The Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi is an Open-Air Restaurant situated in the Langata Suburb of Nairobi close to Wilson Airport, about 5 kilometers/3 Miles from Nairobi centre. The Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi opened in September 1980 to instant success. This restaurant is a must for Meat Lovers. For one Set Price as much freshly barbecued meat as you can eat is presented to you) Carnivore Restaurant Lunch or Dinner Experience

Departs Daily: 1200 Hours for Lunch & 1800 Hours for Dinner (Tour Duration: 2 Hours) Everyone who comes to Kenya must try the Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi if they are true Meat Eaters! Every type of meat imaginable is roasted on traditional Masai swords (skewers) over a huge, visually spectacular charcoal pit that dominates the entrance of the restaurant. The Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi is a unique experience. This open-air meat specialty restaurant has become a standard stop on the safari trail. Every type of meat imaginable, including four choices of wild game, is roasted on traditional Masai swords (skewers) over a huge, visually spectacular charcoal pit that dominates the entrance of the restaurant.

Normally waiters welcome you for starters with a delicious hot soup, and then carry the meat swords around the restaurant, carving unlimited amounts of the prime meats onto sizzling, cast iron plates in front of you. A wide selection of salads, vegetable side dishes, and a variety of exotic sauces accompany the meat feast.

After this meal, dessert and coffee follow. The famous Carnivore Dawa cocktail was introduced to Kenya at the Carnivore. Dawa in Swahili means medicine or a health revival potion. The Carnivore "Dawa" is the drink chosen to hydrate, refresh and sharpen the taste buds. Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi Menu

Soup of the day with homemade fresh brown bread for starters. The variety of meats served include:- Whole joints of meat - legs of lamb and pork, haunches of venison, rumps of beef, sirloin steaks of lamb, Pork sausages, Beef sausages, chicken wings, Chicken yakitori, Chicken tikka, Chicken livers and gizzards, Pork spare ribs, Leg of pork and skewered kidneys, turkey and much more. Crocodile / Camel / Haunch of exotic meat (Ostrich) - The meats are constantly basted and turned until perfectly cooked; the meat is succulent and well flavored.

Vegetables and Salads: - wide selection of salads (mixed salad, rice salad, kidney beans, corn relish, coleslaw), vegetable side dishes accompanies the meat dishes. Sauces include (garlic, fruit salsa, sweet and sour, masala, mint, chilli) The restaurant also offers vegetarian dishes. Choice of Desserts (apple pie, cheesecake, strawberries and ice creams) Kenyan coffee Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi Lunch or Dinner Prices


Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi Day Tour Price includes: Price per person All entry fees, service charge and taxes Lunch or dinner at Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi Pick-up from your hotel in Nairobi and drop-off to your hotel Professional English speaking guides. All are experts in the African wildlife, culture and tour guiding

Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi Day Tour Does Not include:

Personal expenses such as drinks Tips or gratuity, travelers insurance; laundry, communication charges, visas Transfers to/from the airport (supplement airport transfer cost applies for tours starting from the airport) International airfares and airport taxes; meals, sightseeing not included in the package; optional activities

Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi is considered ‘Africa's Greatest Eating Experience'. Every type of meat imaginable including a selection of exotic meat is roasted over charcoal and carved at your table. Delicious side dishes and an exceptional array of sauces complement this fixed price feast that also includes soup, a selection of desserts and Kenyan coffee. Set in attractive tropical gardens, the service and the décor are outstanding.

Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi food, service and atmosphere are strikingly different from anything ever seen in Kenya. The Carnivore is a meat specialty restaurant and it is justifiably referred to as 'Africa's Greatest Eating Experience'. Twice voted amongst the world’s 50 best restaurants by an expert panel in ‘Restaurant ‘ magazine Carnivore is described as ‘amazing’. The Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi since its inception has played host to over 2 million customers from across the globe including numerous celebrities. In fact the Carnivore visitors' book read like a global who is who! Whole joints of meat - legs of lamb and pork, haunches of exotic meat, rumps of beef, sirloins, racks of lamb, spare ribs, sausages, chicken wings, skewered kidneys, even crocodile, and other tasty morsels - are roasted on traditional Masai swords over a huge, spectacular charcoal pit that dominates the entrance of the restaurant. Constantly basted and turned until cooked to perfection, the meat is succulent and well flavored. The Carnivore doesn't conform to the familiar restaurant traditions of passing out menus and waiting for people to order. Diners simply take their seats on the Zebra striped chairs and the movable feast begins. First comes the soup of the day then a sizzling cast-iron plate is placed in front of each guest along with a plate of home baked brown bread and butter.

An army of carvers wearing zebra striped aprons and straw hats then move from table to table carrying the Masai swords laden with different prime meats deliberately carving unlimited amounts onto the sizzling, cast iron plates in front of each guest. Accompanying the meat feast is a wide selection of salads and vegetable side dishes, and also a variety of exotic sauces made from the Carnivore’s own recipes and stacked on to a double storey-revolving tray in the center of the table. The feeding frenzy doesn't stop until defeat is declared by the over-fed guests who signal that enough is enough by lowering of a white paper flag perched atop the central tray. This is followed by dessert and coffee. The full meal including a soup course is at a set price. A vegetarian menu is also offered. First time visitors to The Carnivore are enthralled by the spectacle of the roasting pit, the service and the distinctive flavors of food. Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi Capacity

The Carnivore has a seating capacity of 420 in the main restaurant and as one of the most popular restaurants in East Africa regularly caters for large groups. The private dining room and adjoining bar adjacent to the main restaurant comfortably seats 50 people and enables customers to enjoy the general ambience of the Carnivore in privacy. It is an ideal setting for corporate functions. The Simba Saloon has a seating capacity of 450 and can hold up-to 2000 persons for concerts. The Carnivore, Simba Saloon and Carnivore Gardens are ideal venues for cocktail parties, gala dinners, products launches, weddings etc. The maximum capacity in the Carnivore Main restaurant when combined with the Simba Saloon seats up to 800 people and can even accommodate substantial stand up dinners for up to 1200 people. The Carnivore Gardens is able to hold up to 20,000 people for a concert and 10,000 for special events. Porta-domes and tents can be set up to accommodate a significant number of people Carnivore Dinner & Disco Experience Rate Per Person Carnivore Dinner & Disco Trip Description

In the evening pick-up from your hotel and set off on an eating adventure at the famous Brazilian styled Carnivore Restaurant, nominated amongst the top 50 restaurants of the world. The famous Carnivore disco has maintained its reputation as one of the premier entertainment venues in the world.

It has been a staple in the Kenyan party scene for over two decades and is still considered hip and trendy by the more youthful partygoers. The disco always brings the crowd to its feet. A sizzling BBQ with a great variety of meats, greets you upon arrival (vegetarian dishes are also available). After dinner, you can dance the night away at the Simba Salon at the same venue. For visitors to Kenya, a visit to the Carnivore Restaurant lunch or dinner is a must. After dinner, enjoy the disco and return to your hotel or transfer to the airport.

The Carnivore: ‘Africa’s greatest eating experience” In addition to the world famous “Beast of a Feast” The Carnivore also incorporates: * The Simba Saloon: A vibrant nightclub and informal restaurant. * The Carnivore Gardens: Nairobi’s top concert and event venue with a capacity of up to 20,000

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